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PCB Assembly Components

MG employs a dedicated, parts sourcing and procurement team to manage the logistics and procurement of PCB assembly components using a quality-controlled and time tested sourcing system that guarantees faultless electronic parts sourcing so our PCB assembly services can be offered to our clients at the lowest cost in the global electronic contract manufacturing industry.

Quality Parts
MG sources electronic components with the highest quality from reliable sources and suppliers who can guarantee the best parts for our customers. At the customer’s request, MG always sources components from suppliers recommended by the client. We do not replace components or use a supplier that is not approved by the customer. MG has built long term relationships with the following electronic component suppliers: Digi-Key, Mouser Electronics, Avnet, Arrow Electronics, Newark, Samtec, Farnell and Future Electronics. Since we purchase parts in bulk, we can pass onto our customers attractive cost-per-part pricing.
Hard To Find Parts Sourcing
MG has the capability of sourcing hard-to-find, obsolete or unusually long leadtime components as a result of building over the years an extensive network of global sources for ICs produced in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and other regions across Asia. When a re-placement or cross-reference part is necessary, we solicit your approval first.
Lead Times and Costs

Most parts orders can be filled in approximately 5 to 7 working days from the initial order date. We utilize barcode and RFID labeling to expedite our procurement and inventory control processes. Using this type of automation technology permits us to know in real time a true inventory count in our local warehouses. In addition, we conduct quality testing prior to any components being stocked in our warehouse bins. In some cases, integrated circuit modules will be given electrical characteristic testing. We have built a solid procurement and warehousing system that is so efficient we are able to pass onto our customers the lowest service and handling costs. Our goal is to make PCB fabrication and assembly our job and let our customers focus on electronic engineering and design.


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