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Flex PCB

Base Material

 Epoxy,Teflon, Kapton Polyimide, PPE etc.

Layer Count

 1-6 Layer Flex and Rigid Flex

Dimension of Finished Board

 250* 400mm

Surface Treatment

 HASL,Carbon Printing,Hard /Soft Gold,Tin/Lead   Electroplating,Immersion Gold ect.

Thickness of Base Copper


Dielectric Thickness

 1/2mil -3mil

Diameter of Finished Hole ( min.)


Hole Diameter ( minimum )


Hole Plating Aspect Ratio


PTH Wall Thickness


Solder Mask Thickness (min.)

 7.6um (line angle)

Tolerance of Punch Hole Diameter


Outline Tolerance (Fine Steel Mould)

 ± 2mil( ±0.05mm)

Impedance Tolerance of Finished Board (Minimum)

 ± 10%

Circumference Void Test Voltage

 200 ± 5V

Short-Circuited Resistance

 10M Ω

Open-Circuited Resistance

 30 Ω

Solderability Test

 260 ±10 , Time: 10Sec

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